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dak - milky cake - colombia

dak - milky cake - colombia

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This coffee is a cake in a cup. This is a truly special and unique coffee - we’ve never had anything similar before. Tasting notes of pistachio, cardamom, vanilla cake & chai.

This profile has been exclusively developed with Cata Export, our partner in Colombia sourcing some of the best coffees Colombia has to offer. The Castillo cherries have undergone an anaerobic fermentation for 48 hours at 20 Celsius. The coffee is then thermic shock washed. The beans then undergo controlled drying for 34 hours at 35°C and a relative humidity of 25% until reaching a grain moisture of 10%-11%.

Tasting Notes: Pistachio, cardamom, vanilla cake, chai 

Variety: Castillo 

Process: Thermal Shock Washed

Altitude: 1730m

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